Pool Table Moves

Pool Table Moves in Palm Springs

We have been servicing the area for years and have built a solid reputation based on the quality of our work and service standards. If you’re looking for premium service and the best guarantee in the industry, the Palm Springs Pool Table Movers is your best option.

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Be sure that you consider the risks of having your pool table moved by anyone other than a professional. Our expert pool table movers use the appropriate tools and right techniques to make sure your table is in the best playing condition it can be once we finish.

Pricing is always one of the most if not the most important factors one considers when moving a pool table. With this in mind, we advise you to go over the informational segment we have about what determines the cost to move a pool table in Palm Springs.

Pool table moves should be carried out by professionals

When it comes to pool table moves and almost any pool table service, it is always best to have a professional take care of the job. The reason is that moving a pool table it’s just too dangerous to do it yourself or with a group of friends that lack the experience.

This doesn’t mean it can’t be done, if you take the risk, it can be. However, the risk of damaging the pool table, your property or even worse the risk of being injured is too high to even consider it. It is always a good idea to have experts come and tear it down and move it the way they’re meant to be moved.

One should always be cautious when moving a pool table with anyone else other than a professional, only experienced technicians know how what they should and shouldn’t be moved, not many can consider themselves professional pool table movers.

Pool table moves with our nationally backed company are easier than ever, accompanied by a guarantee on our service. Give us a call for more information!

We offer expert pool table repair if your table has been damaged

A pool table was not meant to be moved as one piece it was built in the factory piece by piece and it was shipped piece by piece and it needs to be installed piece by piece. The process is rather complex and it could be a dangerous task if done by someone with little to no experience.

Additionally, there is a high risk that your table and property could be damaged or even worse you could end up injured. A professional certainly will make that risk as small as it can be, by taking appropriate measures to ensure safe, satisfactory pool table services.

We will properly disassemble your pool table and safely prepare it to be moved. Taking the slates from the frame and getting the table into a bunch of smaller pieces so they can be safely transported to the new location.

Once at the new location our team of professionals will take care of the pool table setup with precise leveling on the surface to ensure a clean install and a perfect playing field.

Pricing your pool table repair and other billiard table services 

To give you an accurate quote we must take into account the dimensions of the table, the type, and model of table, as some are easier to disassemble and reassemble than others, and any other circumstances and situation of the move. Also, the best time to take care of a pool table repair is at the time of installation, if you think your table is in need of any repairs please let us know and we will inspect it for you.

We move most types of pool tables, including moving from one home to another, from a home to a storage garage in the event of wanting it back on the property, from home to business and vice versa.

Other services include professional pool table refelting, disassemble, installations, pocket replacement, re-cushioning, leveling and more.

Pool table repair and pool table moves offered are backed by a written guarantee

As Members of the American Billiard Installers Association, we are a recognized business in our industry. Our exclusive guarantee eliminates risk during the move and it makes sure your table is in optimal playing condition for an entire year should there be any installation or leveling issues. 

We take care of residential and business pool table moves and repairs. Pool table moves in businesses may incur extra charges in the event we encounter complicated moves with elevators or have parking issues for your job.

We may charge extra for excessive stairs when moving a 3 piece slate pool table. In case your table is a single slate top, we will definitely need to know the size of the table and stair situation, such as if there are any turns or if we have to go up or down.

If you’re not sure what size of a table will fit best in the room where you plan to have the pool table setup. We have put together a pool table room sizes chart for your convenience. Tables that have just one solid piece of slate are extremely heavy and difficult to move, depending on the situation we may not move it because of liability issues.

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